We are a leading luxury travel and lifestyle marketing agency specializing in executing powerful public relations campaigns that have the ability to profoundly influence consumer choices and decision-making. With a 5-star European hospitality background and extensive expertise in marketing the travel industry, Shoreline International (a Florida limited liability company) is ranked as one of the Caribbean’s top travel and leisure agencies by the Media Market publication.

The Draw

We utilise the most cost-effective methods to deliver increased business for every client. We understand that online travel purchasing contributes significantly to the success of our clients, therefore you can expect Shoreline International to work with a team of experts to perfect the online strategy of your luxury hotel or upscale travel business. We have extensive expertise in on-page and off-page online marketing initiatives to put your business at the forefront of customers’ decision making.

Key Achievement

We have used our extensive marketing expertise to increase business by over 30% YOY for some clients. We have proven that we can earn the continued trust of our clients, and their willingness to leave their marketing processes with us, with minimal supervision, demonstrates how successful our campaigns can be. Our marketing and public relations campaigns have also been instrumental in attracting several prestigious travel and tourism awards.


We carefully select our partners, ensuring that the Shoreline International brand is highly-respected, that we share common attributes, and we secure a promotional edge for every client.

CASE STUDY: Golf Barbados and Surrey Country Cricket Club partnership (The Oval, London).

OBJECTIVE: Target high-wealth spenders who match the profile for the Barbados brand.

– Dedicated one-page feature in the SCCC season program guide.
– Bespoke competition entry forms (season score card guide can be used to enter for a golf holiday for two in Barbados and a chance to play in the Sir Gary Sobers Annual Golf Tournament).

REACH: 80,000 customers within the target market for Barbados; Opt-in data capture for subsequent travel mailing for Longshot Golf Holidays brochures.